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Unit232 e-mail : 232bridge@gmail.com

Unit 232 encompasses northern Alabama and includes bridge club locations in: Huntsville, Florence and Scottsboro.

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May 8th class by Charles Durrin on Stayman, Jacoby and Texas Transfers Handout. Class begins at 11, ends 12:15, FREE
 Opening Leads Against Suit Contracts
Opening Leads Against Notrump
Mar 14-16 2019 Sectional Results
Owen Lynch  notes, Play of the Hand at Suit Contracts.  The Lesson Hands are here.

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The Aces On Bridge
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 Vu-Bridge an Autobridge revival!




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April 22-28,2019 Regional

Restaurants; Trolley ; Pigeon Forge;

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Fall Festival Sectional Sep 5-7, 2019 St. Mary's Parrish Center 220 Lincoln Street, Huntsville, AL 35801

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Chatanooga Unit Totals
Huntsville Fall Sectional Sep 6-8 2018 & Fall Festive Unit Totals
Spring 2018 Fling Sectional Results Mar 22-24, 2018
Huntsville Fall Sectional Sep 28-30, 2017 Results


Bridge bidding/play help.
Like weddings and church, it's best to arrive 15 minutes early!

Mondays 1 p.m., Huntsville Bridge Center, 2-4+ tables, short Q&A; bid, play, and discuss 12-16 boards, donations, no masterpoints available, hosted by Bud Hullings, 256-426-0779.

Daryl's Bridge Course Notes:  Lesson1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3, Lesson4

Mentoring Program started in Jan2019 for players with <200 Master Points. Details. Application form for both mentors and mentees. You will receive a detailed letter with the name of your mentor/mentee.  For additional information, contact one of the Directors or  Susan Bridges at 662-312-7945, susanbridges314@gmail.com.
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ACBL Awards Recorded during May 2019
  Sandra Ray
  Jim Ray

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Welcome new members + transfers: David Styers, Connie Thompson + Geri Bonds, Dr Narain Saxena

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