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 Bridge - Some good ones!
Blondes - I had a blonde help me with this, so some of them may be repeats.  If so, please delete repeats and mail it back to me unblonded! (click webmaster on bottom of this page).    ;-)
Boss - These are old, but classics!
Computers - Covers the complete range, from help desk stories, poems, lyrics, etc.
Doctors - Well, really more about patients. Other sites with medical jokes: 1
Engineers - A much maligned profession (although lawyers seem to be in first place). Oh well, yesterday I couldn't spell engineer and today I are one! ;-)
Farmers - Makes you wonder about the bucolic life!
Lawyers - Always a favorite topic to joke about!; Other sites with lawyer jokes:  1
Marriage - Another favorite topic!
Military - Always an interesting subject.
Philosophy - Many thought provoking words, and some nonsense as well. Don't Forget Maxine!
Retirement -  Bumper Stickers;  Send me some more info to flesh this area out!
Work - Some cute ones in this category!


Statements made in 1957 - Pretty interesting in light of our lives today.
Bumper Stickers - Some great ideas for the brave.
Men & Women - The classic and not so classic comparisons, etc.
Getting Old - A subject most bridge players know a lot about!  Some of these may amuse you!
Chinese Proverbs - I doubt that Confusius had anything to do with these!
Puns - Most of these are at least 2/3 of one -- PU  ;-)
Some of Bob Hope's Famous Quips - He made it to 100!
Quotes - From the famous and not so famous!
Bridge related Jokes (formerly linked on main page):  Jokes2; Jokes3 Bridge Excuses


GCFL - Good Clean Funnies List archive; Huntsville's own clean joke server!


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