Unit 232 Representatives

Elected Board of Director Members Have Terms of Office shown.
Name Term Functions e-mail
Andrea Frey 2016-2018 President andreag-frey@comcast.net
James William aka   Bill  Seabrooke 2016-2018 Vice President;  Maintenance jws1941@comcast.net
Macy Brown 2018-2020 BOD Member gbrown0507@aol.com
Betty Williams 2017-2019 Secretary, Recorder  Disciplinary Chair bettyww@att.net
Cher Piette 2018-2020 BOD Member cherbridge@knology.net
Flo  Staggs 2017-2019 BOD Member flo.staggs@yahoo.com
Susan Bridges 2017-2019 BOD Member susanbridges314@gmail.com
Donna Merchant 2016-2018 Treasurer dmerch@knology.net
Bill Sholes 2018-2020 BOD Member bjsholes@bellsouth.net
Bud Hullings   Tournament Coordinator; North American Pairs (NAP) & Grand National Teams (GNT) Coordinator; Membership hsvbud@gmail.com
Dot Wendt 2016-2018 BOD Member dotjwendt@gmail.com
Mike  Savage   Webmaster savagmf@hotmail.com 
Ann  Bittel    Electronic Contact abittel@comcast.net
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