In a normal club game, you can report scoring errors and
the Director can review and, if warranted, adjust a score as much as 24 hours later.
Virtual club games are different. Scoring errors cannot happen, but the results of director calls
and the score assigned to players when time runs out in a round could result in score
If you run out of time and a hand disappears unfinished, BridgeBase Online (BBO) software
assigns a score if it can. BBO notifies you of the score it assigned and alerts the Director, who
can then review the score. Directors, however, can be quite busy, with director calls, players
losing their internet connections, and other challenges.
If you think the BBO-assigned score is unfair, you can help the Director and yourself. As soon
as you can, send a message to the director, using the three horizontal lines at the top left of the
playing screen, and request that it be reviewed. If you know what result you expected, include
that in your message. Write something like “Bd 17 ran out of time. NS should make 5 hearts”.
When time permits, the Director will look at it and, if the Director agrees, will revise the score.
The Director has 20 minutes after the game to adjust scores, after which, the records are
frozen. Most Directors nationwide stay online reviewing results until the 20 minutes is up. We all strive to be fair, but BBO-assigned scores do not have the wisdom of Solomon. If you
think an assigned score needs review, help your pair and your Director by alerting the
director and requesting a review.